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Forgotten Towns of Latah County

Today, Latah County has eight incorporated towns and cities: Bovill, Deary, Genesee, Juliaetta, Kendrick, Moscow, Potlatch, and Troy. There are several unincorporated communities in Latah County such as Avon, Harvard, Helmer, Joel, Onaway, Princeton and Viola, to mention a few. These are not considered to be towns today but have thriving communities. There are also more communities that were established as towns once upon time and have disappeared.

Some early communities grew out of being stops on the railroad lines for company purposes such as refueling (wood and water), and loading of local produce or products for shipment. Some railroad stops never made the distinction of being a town, although some did. Eight of the railroad stations on the Washington Idaho Montana Railroad line were believed to be named for the eastern colleges by the college men working on the line as surveyors and engineers: Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford, Vassar, Wellesley, and Yale.

In determining if the community was in-fact a town in the past, we used the criteria that it had a Post Office and community supporting businesses for a period of time. These communities may also include schools, churches and cemeteries.

As we discover and research potential towns, we will add them to this website. We have about 20 towns that we are currently researching and will add them as soon as possible. If you have information, pictures or history of forgotten towns of Latah County, please contact us.

David & Karen Purtee,
Latah County Coordinators

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