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According to the Idaho Almanac of 1977, settlers began taking up the rich land of the Palouse country over one hundred years earlier. Prospectors roamed the hills and breaks north of the Clearwater and Snake rivers. Farmers and homesteaders relished the rich Palouse soil and ridge country. By 1872 a mail route was established between Moscow and Lewiston. The Northern Pacific Railroad reached Moscow in 1885. The thick whitepine forests supplied the resources for the small lumber mills and a logging industry that culminated with the Weyerhauser company building a lumber mill and company town at Potlatch in the early 1900s. Yet another town, Bovill, was founded on the natural resources of clays found in the area.

Latah County is the only county in Idaho created by an act of the US Congress. In order to establish a land grant college, Congress created Latah County from Nez Pierce County in May 1888. Moscow was established as the county seat and the land grant University of Idaho came into being in 1889.

Latah is derived from two Nez Pierce words: "Lah" meaning the place of pine trees "Toh" the sestle or stones used to pulverize the camas roots. The meadows of the Palouse were a cool refreshing place in the summer for the Nez Pierce Indians gather camas roots, sit in the shade and work.

What is new in Latah County?

At noon, Saturday, September 24, some 60 friends of Troy gathered for a couple of hours to picnic and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Duthie Park. Duthie Park Day was a bring your own picnic, chairs, and spend time sharing with old friends afternoon. The park is hidden in a secluded spot on the north slope of the town. The air was warm and the sheltered park was a delightful place to relax and visit without wind, traffic or more than an occasional cloud drifting by.

The City Council member in charge of parks and recreation, Commissioner Jim Corr, representing the Mayor of Troy, read the proclamation. Latah County Commissioner, Dave McGraw, and Caroline Nilsson Troy, State District Representative, were in attendance. The Troy Historical Society sponsored the event.

The event celebrated the establishment of Duthie Park in 1916 as deeded to the city by William M. Duthie, a prominent businessman in Troys early history. A monument sits in a grove of trees noting Duthie Park, 1916, a gift to the City of Troy. He lived in Troy with his home and a dairy above the ravine where the park is located. After raising his children in Troy, he moved on to Lewiston where he was successful in other business ventures. He died there in 1928.

It was truly a community event: the Troy/Deary Community Band, lead by Emily Raasch, opened with the National Anthem followed by several patriotic and cheerful tunes. After proclaiming Duthie Park Day, and comments by David Purtee, President of the Troy Historical Society, the band played another group of musical numbers. Other participants included the Troy Volunteer Fire Department with Paul Groseclose, providing rides on their antique fire truck for the young and old. The local branch of the Umpqua Bank provided ice cream and the Latah Credit Union donated bottled water as refreshments.

About the County Coordinators

David & Karen Purtee are the County Coordinators and live in Latah County just outside of Moscow. They are avid genealogists and are looking forward to building a site with genealogical and historical information of the area. They are adding additional volunteers to be available to help you with your questions and inquiries about Latah County. At this time, please direct questions, suggestions, or complains to

About Latah County and the Neighboring Counties

Latah County is located in the panhandle of Idaho along the Washington border. Cities include: Bovill, Deary, Genesee, Juliaetta, Kendrick, Moscow, Onaway, Potlatch, Princeton, Troy and other unincorporated communities. The County Seat is Moscow.

Benewah county is located north side of Latah county.

Shoshone and Clearwater counties are located on the east side.

Nez Perce county is located on the south side.

On the west side is the state of Washington with Asotin, Garfield, and Whitman counties at the border.

Here's a resourceful information about Latah County at Idaho State University (ISU) website: Latah County Map & Info

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